Jul 01 2010

What is the difference between real estate agents & real estate brokers?

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The terms used to categorize real estate professionals will typically vary a little from one state to another. Both, real estate agents and real estate brokers must be licensed by the state they reside in and are often required to pass several examinations covering real estate law, ethics, finance, and taxation. Some states also require agents and brokers to complete additional testing to keep abreast of current real estate trends.

Real Estate Brokers are generally required to have more education, experience, and expertise than real estate agents and have the ability to legally facilitate real estate transactions independently. A real estate broker typically will have real estate agents working under them to help generate sales.

Real Estate Agents handle a variety of task that may include handling contracts, consulting, showcasing homes, arranging appraisals, arranging inspections, and are generally considered intermediaries between buyers and sellers.

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