Dec 04 2012

What is red light therapy?

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Red light therapy is what is used as a form of anti-aging therapy; one that can help to reduce the damage of the sun. It utilizes infrared light with a stronger wavelength that can penetrate more deeply into the skin than other reparative solutions and types of light. Overall, infrared light stimulates your body to produce additional ATP. ATP is an energy source in the body helping to promote rapid healing and this is why the surface of your skin has a better appearance after you receive red light therapy.

Red light therapy has been known to have anti-aging effects akin to that of a facelift without having to have an invasive procedure. You need to get the treatment three or four times per week for four to six weeks. After that you will get one to two treatments per week for as long as you like. The therapy can also help relieve tissue, muscle, joints and arthritis pain.

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