Jul 06 2010

What is the most important factor in SEO?

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Links, links, and more links. Is that really all it’s about though? Shouldn’t it be authority links, a variety of different links with diverse anchor text, quality links, and natural links? How does a site get these links? Write interesting content that people want to read.

So, in fact, the most important aspect of SEO has nothing to do with SEO at all. It’s about building a quality site with quality writers updating the content. Do you really need an SEO company to do this? Probably not. A good web developer with SEO knowledge and a team of creative writers will give you far superior results. This foundation should be in place before any type of pure SEO is implemented. Pure SEO, at this point in the game, is probably shaping how your site is structured to get the most out of the inbound links you are already receiving and possibly a few other title and h1 tweaks, not much else.

So the answer to this question will probably sadden many pure SEO companies. SEO is dead. Change your mission statement and business model before it’s too late.

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