Jul 18 2011

What is the best way to transport or ship a car?

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Car Shipping - Car TransportTransporting a car from one place to another is actually easier than it might seem. Car shipping and transportation companies can be very helpful when you need to move your car in the US or internationally. To ship a car to another domestic location you should contact a car shipping company directly. There are several great car transport companies that can be found online. Most of the larger auto transport companies provide either open or enclosed car transportation to guarantee that your car will be transferred to the new destination free from damage.

The Open car shipping method typically allows for at least 10 cars to be transported at once in an open freight truck/carrier and shipped to the desired location. This method is often utilized because it is the more economical option as opposed to the enclosed transport method. With enclosed transportation, cars are placed in a closed carrier. This method will usually cost a bit more but is often the safer method since your car won’t be exposed to the elements. You can be sure that your vehicle will reach its destination without harm.

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