May 16 2011

What is stainless steel? 316L stainless steel?

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Stainless Steel - Surgical InstrumentsStainless steel is a type of steel alloy that is made from two basic components; iron (Fe) and chromium (Cr). When chromium (usually about 10%) is added to ordinary steel, the oxide on its surface creates a thin, invisible, and protective shield. This combination is the simplest form of stainless steel and used in a multitude of applications due to its low cost, strength and durability. It will not oxidize, tarnish, or change color and is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and bacteria. There are a number of different grades and surface finishes of stainless steel to accommodate the needs of most any application. 316L stainless steel is one type of stainless steel grade (of over 150) that has properties that make it ideal for certain applications and products including: knives, tools, jewelry, wiring, cookware, medical & surgical instruments, automotive components, marine fixtures, and construction.

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