Sep 20 2010

What are steel cut oats? Steel cut oatmeal?

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Steel cut oats consist of the inner portion of the oat kernel that have been hulled, roasted, and cut into thirds using a steel mill rather than being rolled. Most oat grain is inherently high in B-Vitamins, calcium, protein, and fiber while also being low in salt and unsaturated fat, steel-cut oats are no different. A cup of steel-cut oatmeal will typically contain more fiber than a bran muffin and twice as much fiber as Cream of Wheat. Although they have the same nutritional value as rolled oats, steel cut oats are generally preferred due to their texture, heartier taste, and fuller flavor. They are also a bit harder to find and will normally cost a bit more at your local grocer. Steel cut oats are also known as Scotch Oats, Pinhead Oats, and Irish Oats. Since they are cut and not rolled they will often take twice as long to cook.

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