May 25 2011

What is a stenographer? What is shorthand?

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Stenographer - Court ReporterA stenographer is an individual that is trained to accurately record and transcribe information that is verbally presented during business meetings, legal proceedings, and other events that require written documentation. To perform these functions, a stenographer will often utilize one form of an abbreviated writing method known as shorthand. Shorthand uses alphabet-based symbols and abbreviations that correspond to words and general phrases. Using this writing method, along with a stenotype machine, will give the stenographer the ability to type as fast as or faster than someone speaking. The stenotype machine is designed to allow the user to operate it using multiple key combinations that correspond to letters, sounds, words or phrases. Computer-aided transcription or CAT will then translate these symbols into transcribed text. A stenographer is typically known for their role as a court reporter but they will often have other duties that go beyond just typing. In addition to recording and preparing documents for judicial proceedings, many court reporters are often required to assist judges and attorneys in a number of administrative capacities. They also can be used to provide closed-captioning and real-time translating services to individuals and groups that require it.

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