Aug 01 2012

What are some sugar-free dessert ideas for diabetics?

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Diabetic Honey SnacksOne sugar-free idea is to eat a creamy fruit salad with sugar-free yogurt and a few teaspoons of honey. You can also add a few crushed mint leaves to the fruit salad for a fresh-tasting flavor. This is also a good idea for breakfast when you do not feel like eating a big breakfast. Another idea is to eat sugar-free gelatin parfaits with sugar-free fruit yogurt and this dessert is low in calories. If you love bananas, you can make banana pudding with ripe bananas, sugar-free vanilla instant pudding, sugar-free vanilla wafers and low-fat milk.

If you loved gingerbread cookies as a child, you do not have to abandon them now that you have diabetes because you can make these cookies with sugar substitute, whole wheat flour and a little honey as well as the ground ginger and cinnamon. If you prefer chocolate, you can purchase a few sugar-free dark chocolate bars since dark chocolate is good for the heart and the antioxidants in the chocolate fight off free radicals that hurt the immune system.

If pumpkin pie is a family favorite for Thanksgiving but you are a diabetic, you can make a sugar-free version of this pie with sugar-free canned pumpkin, honey or sugar substitute, eggs, and low-fat milk along with crushed almonds. You can bake the pie in a whole-wheat pie crust for a healthy dessert that the family will like.

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