Jun 26 2010

What is a type 1 life jacket/life vest?

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The type 1 personal flotation device is intended for offshore use to help you survive in open, rough or remote water where rescue attempts may be prolonged. It will typically force an unconscious individual face up and has a little over 22 lbs. of buoyancy. Most type 1 life vests provide vinyl inserts that will prevent the foam from saturating in water. They are also a highly visible color with many coming with reflective materials. The drawback is that they are bulky and less comfortable than type 2 and 3 life jackets.

  • 22 lbs of flotation, 11 lbs for kids
  • Commercial style
  • Provides the most buoyancy
  • Effective for all waters
  • Can turn most wearers face-up
  • Highly visible color
  • Reflective materials
  • Vinyl inserts prevents water saturation
  • Bulky, less comfortable

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