Jun 26 2010

What is a type 2 life jacket/life vest?

Category: Boating - Nautical


The type 2 personal flotation device is the most popular and most frequently used life jacket. They are intended for use in protected, calm waters such as inland lakes, pools, and springs where there is chance for immediate rescue. They are less bulky and expensive than a Type I, and many will turn an unconscious individual face-up in the water. Not for use in rough water for extended periods.

  • 15.5 lbs of flotation, 11 lbs for kids
  • Intended for calm waters
  • Not good for extended periods
  • Can turn some wearers face-up
  • Comfortable, less bulky
  • Best compromise for type 1 life vest
  • Inexpensive compared to type 1 life jackets

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