Jun 26 2010

What is a type 3 life jacket/life vest?

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The type 3 personal flotation device is by and large, is considered the most comfortable life jacket with styles designed for different water activities and sports. Like the type 2, they are intended for use in protected, calm waters such as inland lakes, pools, and springs where there is chance for immediate rescue. The type 3 will usually indicate the water activity it was designed for. Individuals wearing this vest may have will have to be conscious to prevent going face down. Do not provide sufficient buoyancy for some overboard situations, and it is best for you not to rely on them for life saving performance beyond their intended use.

  • 15.5 lbs of flotation, 11 lbs for kids
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Good for conscious wearers in calm water
  • Not intended for extended survival
  • Made specifically for certain water activities

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