Oct 01 2012

What are some unique ingredients to add to brownies?

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Additions to Brownie MixIf you love oatmeal, you can add a cup of oats to the brownie and this is great way to make your brownies appear healthy even though you have loads of sugar, eggs in butter in them. Another idea is to add a variety of berries for a fruity taste to the brownies, and since chocolate and berries both have antioxidants, you are getting a health benefit from this. Some people add shredded carrots, coconuts or sweet potatoes to brownie mixture as a way to trick kids into eating fruits or vegetables. Coffee is one of the best additions to brownie mixture because it adds a robust flavor.

Marshmallows are fun additions to brownies and the kids will love this for years to come. You can also add your favorite candies in the brownies such as Skor bar chunks, peanut brittle pieces, chocolate-covered cherries, caramel pieces, Chunky chocolate raisin bar pieces and praline pecans.

Another idea is to add some chocolate rice krispie treats to the brownie mixture if you cannot afford to buy nuts to add to the mixture. Crushed ginger is great for brownies because it gives the brownies a tangy twist. If you are making these for kids, this may not be a good choice for them but you can throw in some crushed gingerbread snaps for a crunchy flavor. For those who are adventurous, it is good to add some chopped chocolate bars that have chilies in them.

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