Jul 12 2011

What does an usher do at a wedding? How are they chosen?

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Wedding UshersWedding ushers are often chosen for no other reason than to include them in the wedding party. In most cases they are not needed but if they are included they will be chosen by the groom or jointly with the bride. The number of ushers needed at a wedding will depend on the total number of guests. Two ushers should be sufficient enough to handle up to one-hundred guests. Typically, the role of an usher in a wedding is to escort guests to their seats based upon their affiliation with the bride or groom. Relatives and friends of the bride should be seated on the left while the grooms family and friends on the right. The goal is to distribute the guests evenly on both sides of the church to create the appearance of equality even if the actual parties are unequal. If one side of the church begins to appear overcrowded, the ushers should begin seating guests on the opposite side.

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