Aug 21 2010

How do you clean the yellowing on a vinyl fence?

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Most modern vinyl fence products are created with a co-extrusion process that adds a layer of UV protection (also called titanium dioxide or Ti02) to the exterior of the PVC fence. This UV layer will typically prevent the yellow coloring that can occur from extended exposure to the sun.

Yellowing can occur, however, in highly humid conditions from mildew and mold. If yellowing does occur, there are ways of removing it to bring your vinyl fence back to life. Water and either vinegar, bleach, ammonia, or other citrus-based cleaners will usually do the trick.

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One Response to “How do you clean the yellowing on a vinyl fence?”

  1. Mossy Oak Fence says:

    Vinyl fences can also appear a yellow/orange color due to rust buildup from sprinkler systems due to high iron in well water (especially Florida where we are). It is advised to remove any sign of the rust from your vinyl fence as soon as it is discovered with cleaners mentioned above. Leaving the rust for even a few days can make it almost impossible to remove.

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