May 26 2012

Can vodka be used or cooking? What are some good vodka recipes?

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Vodka RecipesYes, vodka can be used as an ingredient for cooking. One recipe idea that utilizes vodka is to make angel hair pasta with a Parmesan vodka cream sauce. To make the cream sauce, you can combine a cup of heavy cream, a third cup of vodka, a few teaspoons each of salt and dried herbs, and two teaspoons of black pepper. Also add a few teaspoons of butter along with two cups of Parmesan cheese and a teaspoon of cornstarch. You should cook over medium heat for fifteen minutes or until the sauce thickens.

Another idea is to make crawfish stew with vodka. In a saucepan you can sauté three cups each of green bell peppers, crushed garlic and yellow onions in olive oil. After you do this, you should add a cup of diced tomatoes, a third cup of vodka and two cups of chicken stock. After fifteen minutes you want to throw in three cups of crawfish tails and cook for five more minutes.

You can also put a third cup of vodka in your fruit cheesecakes because it adds a sophisticated twist to it. Another idea is to add a few teaspoons of vodka to your fruit salad or carrot salad, as this makes salads more fun to enjoy. For those who bake chocolate cakes regularly, add a few spoonfuls of vodka to the icing mixture for a spiked and tasty chocolate icing. If you are making banana pudding, take three cups of diced bananas and add a third cup of vodka to the bananas, pudding mixture and brown sugar. Then top the banana pudding with loads of whipped cream.

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