Jan 12 2011

What are pinking shears?

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Pinking shears are scissors that were specifically created for the cutting of woven cloth and fabric. The saw tooth pattern of the blades, instead of the standard straight edge, allows for a distinctive cut that produces a zigzag design. Pinking shears are not limited to decorative applications alone; they are actually quite functional and are often used to minimize the fraying of unfinished cloth borders. They can also be used for arts and crafts projects that call for a distinct look and feel.

When cutting with pinking shears, as opposed to straight scissors, a few minor tweaks are necessary to achieve the desired result. First, hold the shears straight during cutting. If they are used at an angle, they may not create a clean cut. Experiment on several pieces to see if this technique works for the specific fabric you are using.

Pinking Shears

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