Apr 08 2011

What are tannins in wine?

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Wine PlatterTannins play an important part in the wine making process and are often found in particular types of red wine. It is a kind of natural compound that is often created from the fermentation of different parts of the grape and the storage containers used for aging. Tannins act as a preservative in addition to providing color, enhanced taste, and body. Dry red wine will often have high levels of tannin. According to Anti Wine Snob.com, “The effect of tannins in red wine may also be noticed when interacting with certain foods that are rich in protein and fat (such as meats and cheeses). This is due to the tannins binding to certain proteins”. Tannins give the wine a thickness and density that it would not otherwise have. Experienced wine drinkers will typically come to expect and enjoy tannins. For them, it becomes a part of the wine tasting experience that is often found in more expensive wines.

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