Jul 30 2011

What are Tyvek® envelopes?

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Tyvek EnvelopesTyvek® envelopes are a distinct type of envelope that features a material that was originally engineered by DuPont™. It feels almost like paper but it’s much softer and durable due to the high-density poly fibers used in manufacturing. Some would actually consider it fabric. Take a look below for the other unique features of tyvek® envelopes.

  • Lightweight – Tyvek® is 3x lighter than paper which makes it cheaper to mail and transport.
  • Recyclable – Tyvek® can be reusable and recycled. It is manufactured using 100% HDPE.
  • Durability – Tyvek® provides long lasting strength and durability. Tear-resistant fibers.
  • Water Resistant – Water will not penetrate or weaken Tyvek®.
  • Write & Print – Tyvek® allows writing, printing, from most types of inks.

Tyvek® is also an essential material that often used in certain building and construction projects like walls, roofing, and chimneys; where protection from air and water is vital to the preservation and maintenance of the structure.

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