Apr 21 2011

What are Z87 safety glasses/goggles?

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Safety Glasses and GogglesZ87, Z87+, and Z87-2 (for prescriptions) are labels that are added to the frames and lenses of certain types of safety glasses and goggles to signify a level of impact resistance as set by ANSI standard Z87.1-2003 (Z87+). The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) determines these levels based on a number of testing methods to ensure workers are protected in certain hazardous environments where eye safety is a concern.

  • The Z87 label offers a “basic” level of impact resistance.
  • The Z87+ label offers a “high” level of impact resistance.

During these tests, the frames and lenses are measured on their performance during a variety of high mass and velocity impacts. If any glasses or goggles are marked with the Z87 label, in any of its varieties, the entire device must meet all of the minimum standard requirements. The user is also cautioned regarding the use of replacement components to ensure ongoing compliance.

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