Jul 17 2011

What is a convection oven? vs a conventional oven?

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Convection OvenMost regular/conventional ovens offer two electrically generated heating elements on both the bottom and top of the unit. A convection oven is exactly the same except, in addition to the heating elements, it offers one or more fans (sometimes an additional heating element as well). These fans give the oven the ability to circulate heat and create an even distribution of air, and uniform temperature, inside the oven which ultimately allows your food to cook evenly. Convection ovens also require lower cooking temperatures than conventional ovens. They can be set 25 degrees lower and cook your food 25% faster than a conventional oven. The downside to this type of oven is the price. In most cases a convection oven will cost as much as 30%-40% more than a standard oven depending on the model and brand.

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