Apr 18 2011

What is a do-follow blog?

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Do Follow BlogTo accurately define what a do-follow blog is one must first identify what a nofollow (tagged) hyperlink is. The nofollow tag gives instructions to specific search engine spiders, crawlers, and robots. It essentially tells the bot not to follow or report a tagged (rel=”nofollow”) link when it compiles data. No follow tags provide webmasters with a level of control by giving them the ability to post hyperlinks that do not help the rankings of the linked website. This is especially useful in the comment section of a blog where some visitors often make comments with the sole intention of promoting their own site or blog. The nofollow tag was created to discourage these types of comments and to prevent the passing of any benefit a link might provide.

Do-follow blogs were conceived shortly after the nofollow attribute was adopted. Instead of preventing certain linking benefits, do-follow blogs generously allow them and often promote the fact that they do. The blog owner will simply strip most, if not all, of the nofollow tags from certain areas of their site (typically the comments section). This change creates an environment that encourages and rewards contributors for their interactions and comments on a blog post. In many cases, as long as the comments are monitored, there isn’t much of a downside beyond possibly linking to a bad neighborhood. A do follow blog is most often created and promoted by new blog owners who want to attract visitors and interaction.

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