Apr 11 2010

What is a domain name?

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Domain NamesA domain name is essentially an easy way to identify a website on the internet through either a specific URL or IP address. The registration of a domain name is carried out by a domain name registrar. The registrar gives exclusive rights to registrant for a specific length of time. After the domain expires, the domain name registrant has the option of either renewing the domain or letting it expire. ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers administers and authorizes the development and architecture of all online domains. Every registered domain name has a extension/suffix that corresponds to a specific TLD or Top Level Domain. There are literally hundreds of TLD extensions that can be used to either identify specific locations or business types. Some of the most popular TLD suffixes are listed below.

  • .gov – Government
  • .edu – Educational
  • .org – Organizations
  • .mil – Military
  • .com – Commercial
  • .net – Network
  • .us – United States
  • .info – Information
  • .biz – Business

Since all web sites are based on an IP addresses, all web servers are required to translate domain names into an IP addresses using a DNS server.

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