Mar 24 2011

What is a golf handicap? How is it calculated?

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Golf HandicapA golf handicap is often used in amateur golf to measure player’s ability and to allow players of different skill levels to play together on equal terms. Although there are often several methods for determining a golfer’s handicap, it is often calculated by taking the average score of a player on several different golf courses and then comparing it to the rating and slope of each course. Over time, and by using the player’s recent history of rounds, a handicap can be calculated. For example, a scratch golfer will have a handicap of 0 and, on average, will achieve par (even for the course) scores every round they play. So essentially, the higher the handicap, the worse the golfer. Keep in mind that your handicap is an ever changing, constantly moving average. It will often move up and down as your play gets better or worse.

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