May 06 2011

What is a mint julep?

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Mint JulepsA mint julep is a traditional, southern alcoholic drink that is typically created with bourbon, sugar (syrup), water, crushed ice, and fresh mint. The methods used to prepare the cocktail will often slightly vary from one location to another but the ingredients will generally remain consistent. The one thing that mint julep lovers can agree on is what they are served in; a chilled, silver/pewter mint julep cup. Mint juleps are often associated with the Kentucky Derby®. The concession stands at Churchill Downs will typically serve over 100,000 mint juleps over the days leading up to the race.

Mint Julep CupThe Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby┬« is Woodford Reserve. Each year, Woodford Reserve and Tiffany & Co. offer a few race fans the ability to enjoy an exclusive $1,000 mint julep. These limited edition (only 103 available in 2011), sterling silver, cups are individually numbered and engraved with the Kentucky Derby date and the Woodford Reserve logo. They also come with a sterling silver sipping straw. In addition to the 103, $1,000 cups, there will also be three “Prestige” cups made from sterling silver and 24 karat gold. They will be auctioned off with a starting bid of $2,000.

The $1,000 mint julep is made with these ingredients:

  • Chocolate mint grown in San Diego, California.
  • Ice, created from rainwater captured on the island of Tasmania, Australia.
  • Woodford Reserve super-premium bourbon.
  • Demerara sugar mixed in Woodford Reserve barrels.

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  1. John says:

    My wife says the guy in the video is a douche. Nobody should drink a mint julep that looks like a plant.

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