Jul 24 2011

What is a pingback on a blog?

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Pingback - Ping BackA pingback is an automated way for bloggers to acknowledge other bloggers by referencing them in their posts or articles. The referencing is typically done in the form of a link. When one pingback enabled blog links to the permalink of another pingback enabled blog, a notification signal is sent. When the other site receives this signal, it automatically goes back to the originating site to verify the existence of a link. If a link is present, the pingback is recorded. Pingbacks will typically contain a short excerpt of the article containing the permalink, along with a link to the website. It will show up in the comment section of the post. When used properly, a pingback is an excellent method for building relationships with other bloggers as well as building links and traffic. It also gives blog owners the ability to keep track of who is linking to, or referring to their posts and articles.

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