Mar 02 2011

What is a resistant starch?

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Resistant StarchesResistant starches are considered by some nutritionists as a type of dietary fiber since they have some of the characteristics and advantages of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Resistant starches, in most healthy individuals, will resist digestion and pass directly through to the large intestine and then are fermented into short-chain fatty acids.

There are four types of resistant starches:

  • RS1 – Starch that is difficult to digest like whole grains.
  • RS2 – Starch that appears in a granular form.
  • RS3 – Starch that is formed when certain foods are cooked and cooled.
  • RS4 – Starches that have been manufactured or modified to resist digestion.

Research published in the Journal of the “American Dietetic Association” shows that Americans get about 5g of resistant starch per day. Many experts recommend tripling that figure to15g to 20g per day for optimal health benefits.

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