May 11 2011

What is a rollator?

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Rollator WalkerA rollator or rolling walker is essentially a mobility device, generally made from aluminum, that is similar to a standard walker but instead of rubber support points there are wheels or tires attached. Unlike a regular medical walker, a rollator doesn’t require the user to lift the device which can make walking a more effortless process. Users will often only be required to have some balance and slight upper body strength to maintain its center of gravity. And since all rollators are equipped with brakes, a user must also be able to manipulate the braking mechanism on the hand controls. Rollators are manufactured in both 3 and 4 wheel varieties and can be customized with a number of extras to match the user’s needs. Before buying a walker or rollator be sure to evaluate the needs of the user and keep these considerations in mind.

  • 3 Wheel Rollator – Provides more freedom and maneuverability but are typically less stable.
  • 4 Wheel Rollator – Are more stable but less maneuverable.
  • Height of the user – Rollators can be adjusted for height.
  • Weight of the user – Verify the maximum weight the rollator can carry.
  • Wheels – Larger wheels allow for maneuverability on outdoor terrain. In most cases, the larger the wheels the easier it is to get around larger obstacles. Smaller wheels are more suitable for indoor use.
  • Indoor/Outdoor – Many individuals will purchase 2 rollators, one for indoor use and one for outdoor use. A more economical choice would be to purchase a rollator with interchangeable wheels.

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