Apr 04 2011

What is a wine decanter?

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Wine DecanterWhen a bottle of wine is opened it is often transferred from the bottle to a wine decanter. A wine decanter is a glass or crystal container specifically designed to hold wine as well as perform a number of other functions that have become vital for wine lovers and enthusiasts. First, it allows the wine to separate from the small particles of leftover ingredients used in the initial wine production process, also called sediment (often found in older wines). This sediment will typically have an adverse effect on the wines taste, giving it a bitter flavor. Second, it exposes the wine to oxygen, also known as aeration. The aeration process essentially forces oxygen into the wine (letting it breathe) and allows it to develop more flavor, body, and aroma. Some consider wine decanters to be essential for their wine tasting experience and a critical tool for getting the most out of certain types of wine. Others dismiss these notions and point out the fact that “in most modern wine making, the need for decanting has been significantly reduced, because most wines no longer produce a significant amount of sediment as they age”.

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One Response to “What is a wine decanter?”

  1. cyndee says:

    What is the proper way of pouring wine out of the decanter into wine glasses?

    After decanting the wine into a inverted wine decanter, is there a right or wrong way to hold the decanter?

    Friends and I debated whether or not it was appropriate to place thumb and fore fingers (as if ina pinching formation) into the concave part of the decanter while holding the other hand supports the neck while pouring the wine into a glass from the decanter. Please help.

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