Mar 20 2011

What is affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is a type of marketing system where a business gives members of an affiliate network the ability to share profits from the sales of their goods and services. The company offering the affiliate program will typically create a means to track and verify sales (usually through a third party) that have been brought to them by their affiliates. Internet affiliates have become a popular way for companies to increase sales and exposure online with limited risk. Their risk is typically limited because they only have to share revenue if a sale is made. Any sale completed with traffic generated by an affiliate is tracked with the use of web cookies that are left on buyer’s computer (usually without the buyer’s knowledge). Many affiliate programs will offer a tiered percentage based on the volume of sales. There are several types of affiliate marketing programs. Some are based on actual sales and some are based on the potential for sales (cost per click). Regardless of the method, most affiliate marketing programs have one thing in common, their ability to increase exposure and possible sales through a number of diverse marketing channels.

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