Apr 02 2011

What is an XML file?

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An XML file, also known as Extensible Markup Language, is a structured data file primarily used to store and transmit information using a number of applications. The data within an XML file utilizes tags, in plain text, which allows it to be easily read, moved, and displayed.

  • XML is a markup language similar to HTML.
  • XML was developed to describe and store data.
  • XML tags are not predefined in XML. Tags are defined using a DTD.
  • XML uses a DTD (Document Type Definition) similar to CSS.
  • XML is often used in RSS readers.

XML files will often contain data that resembles a database. Each file contains data using a structure of tags to define the type of data being stored. The tags use a DTD similar to CSS, which effectively displays the data in any manner the developer sees fit.

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