Jun 08 2011

What is CEREC Connect? CEREC Connect dental lab?

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CEREC ConnectCEREC Connect is a new way for dentists and dental labs to work and communicate together using an internet based communication platform created exclusively for CEREC dentists and Sirona inLab laboratories. This service gives CEREC dentists the ability to almost completely eliminate any physical impressions because everything is scanned digitally and electronically transmitted to the CEREC Connect dental laboratory of choice. The dental technician will use a virtual model to essentially create the restoration and instead of using traditional fabrication methods, they will utilize a computer controlled milling unit. By bringing dentists and dental labs together from around the globe, CEREC Connect has become the world’s largest Digital Dental Network. They have paved the way for the “impression-free” dental work and have changed and improved the way dentists and dental labs communicate. For more information on Cerec Connect contact Jay Black at Winter Springs Dental Lab.

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