Mar 20 2011

What is direct mail? Direct mail marketing?

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Direct Mail MarketingDirect mail, also known as direct mail marketing, is an advertising method which businesses use to increase sales and brand awareness of a service or product by distributing printed postcards, brochures, flyers, letters, or other published communication to a specifically targeted set of consumers. Although sometimes classified as “junk mail”, if done correctly, direct mail marketing can be a very valuable way to deliver new information (e.g. coupons, products, and price reductions) to potential buyers. Direct mail can also benefit businesses by giving them the ability to track and measure the performance results of a marketing campaign. Most direct mail, for example, includes a “call to action” that elicits a unique response from the interested consumer.

The problem with many direct mail campaigns can often be traced to a poorly identified target demographic. In this situation, individuals which receive irrelevant, unsolicited communications may develop a negative view of the sender’s products or services. Some environmental groups have also criticized companies that specialize in bulk direct mail services for irresponsible use of natural resources.

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    Direct mail and direct mail marketing go hand-in-hand. It’s all about testing the campaign and using very precise tracking as well as success benchmarks! Here’s more info on how direct marketing works! Read Roxanne Blanford’s insightful column by clicking on the name above.

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