Jun 02 2011

What is Direct Response Television or DRTV?

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Direct Response TVDRTV stands for Direct Response Television. It is most commonly understood as a marketing tactic that uses television advertising to generate a direct and immediate response from consumers. The desired response is a product purchase made sooner rather than later. To compel a purchase reaction from customers, direct response television emphasizes a repetitive “call to action” in advertisements. This may take the form of on-screen inducements to “Call Now”, with a prominently displayed toll-free number, and a pitchman/spokesperson asserting the product’s must-have benefits. Another method DRTV uses to influence a direct response is to create a sense of urgency. This can be accomplished by presenting the offer as time sensitive “available for a limited time only, so act now”, or by making the offer exclusive and/or has adding value “be among the first five callers and you’ll receive two for the price of one”. DRTV is most often used on local network, broadcast, and cable networks. Some forms of DRTV advertising are long form informercials and in-programming product tie-ins.

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