Apr 27 2011

What is face detection on a digital camera?

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Face Detection Digital CameraFace detection, also called face priority, is a type digital camera technology that is typically featured in many of today’s point-and-shoot cameras, as well as a few newer SLRs. It essentially detects faces and automatically focuses and adjusts exposure giving priority to the individuals in the photo. Face detection can be a valuable feature with larger groups, distance shots, in bright light, or if an individual suddenly moves into frame. It is usually activated automatically but can also be a dedicated feature or shooting mode. This type of technology is hardware based so it will generally recognize faces faster than manually locking focus and exposure on a face. Face detection technologies are still evolving and as newer cameras are created, the process will become more refined allowing you to lock in on multiple subjects even if they are in motion. The newest technology can even recognize individual faces that have been configured and stored in the digital memory of your camera.

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