Apr 26 2011

What is firmware?

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FirmwareFirmware is a type of replaceable software that has been specifically written into the hardware of a digital device. It is essentially temporary (semi-permanent) memory that is added to a number of programmable ROM chips within a device including: PROMS, EPROMs, EEPROMs, and flash. Firmware is typically added during manufacturing and, in many cases, can be updated to allow for new features, functionality, or to resolve specific issues or problems that may arise. It will remain in the computer’s permanent memory until it has been updated or replaced. In many cases your device will prompt you to install firmware updates as they become available. The installation of a new firmware update is often accomplished via direct download or with a portable storage device. When upgrading firmware, make sure to follow all instructions carefully and back up any important data beforehand. Any interruptions in the firmware updating process could lead to corrupted data and leave your device inoperable.

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