May 18 2011

What is geothermal energy?

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Alternative EnergyGeothermal energy is a type of energy that is produced and stored deep in the earth. It is typically released in the form of heated water or steam. This thermal energy is an environmentally friendly source of power that can be accessed by drilling and creating geothermal reservoirs. Using pressure, the reservoirs bring up hot water that is used to generate electricity with the use of a turbine. The used geothermal water is then funneled down an injection well and returned the reservoir. It is then reheated and recycled to be used again in the same manner. The main disadvantage of geothermal energy lies primarily in the cost for exploration and extraction. Finding the right spot is critical for this type of power plant. During the discovery or exploration stage, scientists and geologists will perform a land survey. The survey may take several years before they can report their results. If their findings indicate an unsuitable location, years of research and funding is ultimately wasted. In recent years, geothermal heat pumps for homes have become a popular energy saver. They are a bit different in the way they collect their energy but the principle is similar and done on a much smaller scale. You can find more information on geothermal heat pumps here.

Geothermal Power Plant

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