Dec 28 2010

What is Groupon?

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Groupon is a company which delivers almost exactly what it sounds like: a coupon for a group of people. To be specific, Groupon gives businesses the ability to offer special discounts or savings to people within their local community. Each day, Groupon features a new coupon or deal from one of its member companies and emails it to all of their registered users in that city. If enough registered users are interested in a particular deal, and the quota set by the local company is met, the deal goes through and everyone wins. The collective buying power of its local user base is the key to Groupon’s success.

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2 Responses to “What is Groupon?”

  1. denise l says:

    is there a phone i can get intouch with groupon?

  2. dlashley says:

    I purchased a sewing class with groupon and never completed all the steps. so now that i am ready to go to the class i have no proof please help. is there a phone number that i can call someone on.

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