Jun 04 2011

What is L-theanine?

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L-theanineL-theanine is an amino acid typically found in the leaves of green tea plants (Camellia Sinensis). It can also be found in your local health food store as a dietary supplement. L-theanine is said to contain a number of anti-anxiety and stress relieving qualities in addition to possibly improving memory and cognitive ability/reasoning by affecting serotonin and other neurotransmitter levels. Based on the results of the clinical studies, L-theanine is most effective in the range of 50-200 mg doses, with an anti-anxiety and calming effect occurring within 30 minutes and lasting for 8-10 hours. The FDA recommends a max dose of 1200 mg per day. Additional research is being done using L-theanine as an alternative to Ritalin. More information on L-theanine can be found here.

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