May 18 2011

What is parquet flooring?

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Parquet FlooringParquet flooring is a form of wood flooring that is available as either a repeating geometric pattern or a unique ornamental design using several types of wood. In the past, parquet flooring also called inlaid wood flooring was an expensive process that was typically installed by an artist who would cut and fit the wood together, one piece at a time. Today, most parquet wood flooring is sold in pre-assembled tiles that can be fitted together and attached to the subfloor. The price for this type of flooring will tend to increase if the design is complicated and different types of woods are used like oak, walnut, and cherry. A more detailed design might also require a more expensive finish as well. Once you have an understanding of what you want from your wood flooring, a contractor should be able to give you an estimate on the additional cost.

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