May 20 2011

What is powder coating?

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Powder CoatingPowder coating is a surface coating process where a dry powder is applied to the exterior of a base material (often metal). It is an economical and environmentally friendly (compared to paint) process that is typically applied using finely ground pigments and resins. The finely ground particles can be sprayed onto the substrate using several methods, the most popular being an electrostatic spray. Once the powder has been sprayed, it is then cured (heated) which creates a permanent and durable film that is resistant to rust, scratches, peeling, and ultra violet rays. Some of the common products that utilize a powder coating include: bicycle frames, automotive parts, patio furniture, filing cabinets, metal railings, aluminum fence, golf clubs, exercise equipment, motorcycle parts and plenty more. Recent developments in powder coating technology have allowed for coatings to be added to other materials like ceramics, plastics and wood.

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