Mar 15 2011

What is premium tequila?

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TequilaThere are generally only two types of tequila. The premium versions, which are required to use 100% blue agave in their production and tequila mixto. Tequila mixto is said to be a lower quality tequila that is only required to use 51% blue agave with cane sugar and other agave sugars added to the mix. If the label says 100% blue agave, it lets you know that no other agave sugars were used during the fermentation process. This will ultimately give your tequila more body, flavor, and a stronger agave aroma. Strict labeling regulations were created to assist the buyer in determining how the tequila was made, where it was produced, and how long it was aged. That being said, 100% agave doesn’t always assure quality, it is only the starting point in determining quality.

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