May 18 2011

What is social bookmarking?

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Delicious LogoSocial bookmarking is a type of social networking that allows users to easily tag and share specific websites, pages, images, and video that they have discovered while surfing the web. Previously, using browser based bookmarking; an individual could simply save their favorite web content. This was nice, but there were limitations that restricted usage and the ability to share. Social bookmarking is entirely web or cloud based, meaning all of your information is stored online. Websites that offer this service give users the unique ability to not only save the content that interests them the most but also share it with other users of similar interests. As social bookmarking has matured over the years, many of the best sites have added additional features like ratings, comments, advanced searching & browsing, targeted recommendations, and other unique abilities that give users more freedom to discover, share, and interact. The most popular social bookmarking sites to date are Delicious and Stumbleupon. Google, Yahoo, and Bing have also joined the party with their own social bookmarking capabilities.

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