Feb 27 2011

What is the best cell phone on the market?

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HTC EVO 4GAs of February 26th, 2011 the best cell phone on the market is easily the HTC EVO 4G. I loved the IPhone 4, but after numerous dropped calls and spotty reception, it was time to try something new. After using the EVO for about 2 weeks, I noticed that it had pretty much everything the IPhone 4 had but with a few additional upgrades and features that made it a better, overall phone.

The Screen – The EVO has a 4.3 in. high resolution touch screen display compared to the IPhone 4’s 3.5 in. display. The larger screen is great for viewing pictures, videos, and browsing websites. The larger size also helps if you have a big head. I know it sounds funny but if you’ve got a big head and a small phone, it can often cause problems with outgoing voice clarity.

The Camera – Even though the HTC has a 8mp camera, I didn’t find it to be superior to the IPhone’s. In low light conditions it was especially poor but outside pictures with sunlight were perfect. The forward pointing camera was decent and worked well during face time calls.

The Speaker – Probably one of the best phone speakers I have ever used. I haven’t heard it reverberate once, even at the loudest levels.

The Battery – The battery life was comparable to the IPhone 4. You’ll probably have to charge it at least once per day.

The Apps – I found many of the same apps as ITunes on the android network plus a few others. The app quality was probably higher on ITunes but I think after a few more years the Android app market will take over as the leader.

The Network – The Sprint network easily beats AT&T’s. Rarely ever a dropped call, and no reception problems ever.

After using both phones I found the HTC EVO 4G to be the better option. The larger screen, network, and speaker sound quality made me a believer. The IPhone 4 is still a good option but HTC upped the ante by 1 with this new phone.

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One Response to “What is the best cell phone on the market?”

  1. adam king says:

    While I do agree that the HTC EVO is much better than the iphone. I think the HTC inspire 4 g is a better choice than the EVO and here is why. The HTC inspire is smaller but not too small. I dontt mind size in fact I love. Bigger phones, but the HTC EVO is too big to fit in a jean pocket, so that right there makes it inferior to the inspire unless you don’t carry your phone on you ,or you are a female and have your phone in your purse. The second reason is the fact the inspire is actually a faster phone than the EVO. And on a personal level I like the design of the inspire. But they are similar and both are great phones

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