Jul 22 2011

What is the fire triangle? Fire tetrahedron?

Category: Fire Safety


Fire TriangleThe fire triangle was the first straightforward representation for understanding the components that are needed to create fire. It essentially showed that in order to achieve combustion, three elements are necessary – heat, fuel, and oxygen. Removing any one of these elements would effectively prevent or extinguish a fire. Most experts believed that understanding how these three elements interact would give everyone a better understanding of combustion, how it works, and how fires could be prevented.

Fire TetrahedronAfter additional research in the field of fire prevention, some authorities believed something was missing in certain types of fires, the chemical reaction. The fire triangle was modified to the fire tetrahedron to account for this fourth element. So now, with the fire tetrahedron, all four elements must be present for a fire to occur, fuel, heat, oxygen, and a chemical chain reaction. Removing any of these elements will result in the extinguishing of a fire.

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