May 26 2011

What is the HCG diet?

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HCG DietHCG is an acronym that stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that controls metabolic function that is typically created naturally in pregnant women. The diet itself was designed by Doctor A T.W. Simeons who noticed that individuals treated with HCG were able to lose weight on low calorie diets without feeling hungry. As his research shifted to weight loss, he soon developed a diet plan that would take advantage of the hormone as a weight loss tool. The HCG diet involves reducing an individual’s caloric intake to 500 calories per day with daily injections of HCG that will last anywhere from 26-43 days. Once the HCG is present in your body, according to the diet, it will begin to quickly burn accumulated fat. Theoretically, with the use of HCG, the 500 daily calories should be enough to sustain the dieter without them feeling hungry. After the initial fat loss, treatments are typically halted because HCG only affects stored fat. It is considered a short term diet that should not be extended for longer periods. According to the HCG diet, the daily 500 calories will consist mostly of foods high in protein & fat with low concentrations of carbohydrates. The FDA has approved the use of HCG as a fertility drug only and does not approve it for any other reason. However, lack of approval doesn’t necessarily prevent it from being used as a dietary supplement. If you have a doctor willing to write a prescription, you can still obtain HCG. It is also worth noting that the HCG used as a dietary supplement is a variation of the HCG used for fertility and often given in much smaller doses. Most HCG used for dieting is created in laboratories from sterilized cells.

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